RMS Scholarships

The Reunion Music Society manages several full-year scholarship funds, including the Lafayette Jackson Memorial Scholarship and the Herbert Smith-Richard White Scholarship, that provide several scholarships annually to Northern Virginia students pursuing post-secondary school education.

Scholarship winners must enroll in MUS 148 or 248 on the NOVA Annandale campus in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 and play in the NOVA Annandale Symphony Orchestra for both semesters. They will receive reimbursement for tuition fees for those classes plus a stipend of $500 for the year.

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RMS Tuition Assistance

In addition to scholarships, the Reunion Music Society offers tuition assistance to a limited number of selected applicants who are enrolled or will enroll in MUS 148 or 248 on the NOVA Annandale campus. The assistance will be in the form of reimbursement only for the tuition paid by the student for the current semester (normally $189).

The RMS Tuition Assistance program will accept applications from community members, part-time NOVA students, and full-time NOVA students.

Deadline to apply is generally the week that classes start.

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Which should I apply for?

Scholarship Tuition Assistance
Instrument Bass or Cello (Lafayette Jackson Memorial)
Woodwind (Herbert Smith-Richard White)
Other orchestral instruments.
Any orchestral

Virginia Back Scholarship

NOVA Annandale is offering scholarships under the Virginia Back endowment for Fall 2019.  For more information, contact Asst. Dean Rainey in the Division office on campus.