NVCC now requires that all participants in Orchestra be either registered for the MUS 148 or 248 class, or become Authorized Volunteers.  Everyone must choose one of the following options to play in the orchestra starting Fall 2021:

  1. Register as a student, for credit.  Cost: $185.50 tuition.
  2. Register as a senior, auditing. Cost: free. Can only register during a 3-day period, Aug 20-22.
  3. Become an authorized regular service volunteer. You would be volunteering to mentor students in the class by playing alongside them. Must submit application to NVCC HR; they may do a background check.

The orchestra course is 1 credit and the total fees are $185.50.  The rehearsal and concert facilities are world-class and these fees help pay for use of those spaces, including the Schlesinger Center.

We are most fortunate to have the assistance of Dr. Lisa Eckstein, Associate Professor of Music & Band Director and Collegewide Music Dept. Chair. She has provided the instructions on the remainder of this page, and has offered to personally assist anyone who has any difficulty getting registered.  You are welcome to contact her at leckstein@nvcc.edu.

General Guidelines

If the last time you applied to be a student at NOVA was on or before April 28, 2018, you may need to apply again. The application is online and it is FREE. Most people find the process to be fairly easy and for it to take approximately 20-30 minutes. To apply, go to www.nvcc.edu and click the APPLY button in the top right corner. Fill out the application.  Wait approximately 24-48 hours for NOVA to respond with your MyNOVA username and password, and your student ID number. Then you can register for courses.

If you want, you can try to register on your own with the attached step-by-step instructions, or if you are a senior citizen aged 60 or older, you can follow the directions below in this email under SENIOR REGISTRATION INFO.  Please know that the registration process is NOT intuitive.  If you don’t want to try registering on your own or if you need help with the registration process, CALL DR. LISA ECKSTEIN.  Do you want to spend 15 minutes registering instead of an hour or more?  CALL LISA ECKSTEIN.  Seriously, call her.  She can talk you through the registration process over the phone in approximately 15 minutes because she knows the system well.  She’s more than happy to help.  Her mobile phone number is available by emailing her directly at leckstein@nvcc.edu or ask Ralph at ralph@satprof.com or reunionmusicsociety@gmail.com.

The last date to register is Aug. 22 by midnight.  If you are not a senior, please register before Aug. 14.  If you try to register after Aug. 14 and run into any snags or need help, NOVA is very busy and you might have to wait a long time to get help.  Don’t wait until the last minute.  Thank you.

Option 1: Registering for Credit

NOTE: RMS offers tuition reimbursement to a limited number of students each semester.  You may apply here.

  1. Go to www.nvcc.edu
  2. In the top right corner click on the tab where it says My NOVA.
  3. This will bring you to a screen with information about NOVACONNECT. Scroll down the page until you reveal three different boxes. Click on the box that says Login To myNOVA.
  4. Now you need to enter your myNOVA username and password and click login.  *If you don’t know your username and password, you’ll need to call the IT Help Desk at 703-426-4141 and talk to someone to get this information.
  5. Once you clicked login, it will bring up a page with a bunch of different options. You want to click on the option that says VCCS SIS: Student Information System.
  6. This will bring you to a page that has a chart of different options to choose from. You want to click on the option that says “Enrollment.”
  7. Once clicking on “Enrollment,” you now want to click on the option that says “Enrollment: Add Classes.”
  8. This will bring you to a page where you want to select FALL 2021 and then click on CONTINUE.
  9. About part of the way down the screen you will find a box that says “Add to Cart: Enter Class Number.”
    *For MUS 148: Please enter the number 43572, then click the button that says “Enter.”
    *For MUS 248: Please enter the number 44820, then click the button that says “Enter.”
  10. This will bring you to a page that includes the details of the course. About part way down on the screen you will see two buttons, you want to click on the green one that says NEXT.
  11. By clicking NEXT, you have now placed the class in your shopping cart. About part way down the screen there is a button that says
    …you want to click on this.
  12. This last screen is just confirming with you that you are going to enroll in Orchestra. Click on FINISH ENROLLING.
  13. Once you click on FINISH ENROLLING it will bring you to a screen that will say in a box titled Message, “Success: this class has been added to your schedule.” MAKE SURE in the Status column that there is a green check mark there NOT a red X.
  14. Now to pay for the class, you want to make sure that your pop-up blocker is turned OFF!!!
  15. At the top of the screen on the right side there is a mini drop down bar that says go to… click on this.
    Then you want to click on Student Center, then >>.
  16. This will bring you to a screen that has all your information on it. About halfway down the screen towards the middle there will be a blue highlighted link that says “Go to QuikPAY,” you want to click on this.
  17. This will bring up a new window that has instructions on how to make a payment. On the left side bar there is an option to click on MAKE PAYMENT, click on this.
  18. After clicking on MAKE PAYMENT, you will be brought to a screen where you need to select term, enter payment amount, and choose your payment method of credit card or eCheck. Paying by eCheck allows you to avoid the 2.7% “convenience fee” associated with paying by credit card. You have to enter your checking routing and account numbers to pay by eCheck.
  19. After you have entered the payment amount and either credit card or eCheck, click on continue. This will bring you to a screen where you will enter information for payment. Click continue and then submit your payment.
  20. After submitting your payment, you might want to print the page to keep for your credit card payment records. You will also get an email confirmation a few minutes later that will be titled “Notification for Actual Payer from…”

Hopefully this step-by-step outline is helpful.  If you have any trouble, let me know and I’ll see if I can help more.  -Lisa Eckstein

Option 2: Register as a Senior, Auditing

 Anyone who is 60 years or older and has lived in Virginia for at least one year can register for FREE by AUDITING the course.  However, seniors who audit must wait until the weekend before classes start to register.  (The reason for this is so that seniors auditing can’t fill up classes for free that undergraduates need for their majors.  This doesn’t apply to orchestra but it’s NOVA policy for all courses.)  Seniors can only register from Friday, Aug. 20-22.


  1. Follow Steps 1-13 in the section “Option 1: Registering for Credit” above.
  2. Open up a new browser window, as the next step is not connected to the registration system in any way.
  3. Go to https://dashboard.nvcc.edu/Default.aspx
  4. Login using your MyNOVA username and password.
  5. You are going to fill out the “Senior Citizen Enrollment Tuition Waiver” form.  Otherwise known as Form 105-088.
  6. Make sure you are eligible and click the boxes.
  7. Fill out the “Student Information” section.
  8. Fill out the “Course Information” section.
    a. For Term, select Fall 2021.
    c. Next, fill in the 5-digit course number.  This number for MUS 148 = 43572.  This number for MUS 248 = 44820. Then click somewhere else on the d. screen and wait for the rest of the information to automatically fill in.
    d. You do NOT need to submit an attachment for the Proof of Income because you will not be taking the class for credit.
    e. Type your first and last name.
    f. After you have finished filling out this form, click “Sign Electronically.”
  9. If the form goes through successfully, you’ll get a green SUCCESS marking with a checkmark.  If it doesn’t go through, it will direct you to what you need to do.  You can save a copy for your records if you wish.


Seniors can to the Student Services office on the first floor of the Bisdorf building on the Alexandria Campus and have someone there help them register from 9am-5pm Monday-Thursday, 11am-5pm on Fridays.   Know your MyNOVA username and password info, and know (or bring) your NOVA student ID number.


Make sure you know your MyNOVA username and password.  Make sure they are working and not outdated.  If you can’t get your MyNOVA username and password to work and you are a current NOVA student (you applied before April 28, 2018), then call the IT HelpDesk at 703-426-4141 and ask for help with your MyNOVA login info.  Then call Lisa for help. Her mobile phone number is available by emailing her directly at leckstein@nvcc.edu or ask at ralph@satprof.com or reunionmusicsociety@gmail.com.

More registration information for seniors can be found here:


Option 3: Volunteer

This option should allow you to attend the class without registering if you are approved as a “regular service” (i.e. ongoing) volunteer. Please only use this option if you have a specific reason for not registering or auditing – it is important that we have a substantial number of registered students in the class.

If you do wish to volunteer, these are the steps:

  1. Play your part!  Please be vaccinated before coming to rehearsal.
  2. Update your contact information by submitting a Player Information form on the Come Play With Us page if you have not done so recently.
  3. Review the NVCC Volunteer Policy and the Volunteer Information Sheet and be sure you are comfortable with them.
  4. In addition, the orchestra may ask for your help volunteering with support activities.
  5. Print and fill out the agreement form.
    a. For the assignment, write in “Mentoring MUS 148/248 (orchestra) students and assisting the instructor with the class, preparations, and rehearsals.
    b. For the work schedule, write in “During MUS 148/248 class and additional time as and where needed
    c. For from and to, put the start and end dates of the upcoming semester.
    d. For special requirements, write in “Relevant music expertise
    e. Fill in your email address and phone number.
    f. Sign the form.
  6. Print and fill out the Volunteer Status / Workers’ Compensation Act form.
    a. Volunteer Activity, write in “Mentoring MUS 148/248 (orchestra) students and assisting the instructor with the class, preparations, and rehearsals.
    b. Sign the form.
  7. If you want to get a parking pass (only useful if you expect to be volunteering before 3:45 p.m. on weekdays, then print and fill out a Parking Fee Waiver Request.
  8. Scan the above 2 (or 3) forms to PDF format and email them to Mr. Sah Sanu-t,  ssanut@nvcc.edu, and copy Ralph Brooker ralph@satprof.com.
  9. Mr. Sanu-t, the college department Office Manager, will be your Supervisor of record.  He will sign and submit your forms package to the NVCC Human Resources department, who will process it (possibly including a background check) and return it to him. He will then sign and forward back it to you.
  10. You will need to repeat the process every semester to play in the orchestra.

Student ID Cards

We recommend that after you register, you pick up your Student ID Card.  In the AFA building, door locks are activated by ID cards, so to use a practice room, or to access a larger room that you have reserved for a rehearsal, you must have your ID card to get in.

To get your card, enter the Bisdorf building from the side entrance that is located across from the front doors to the AFA building. The student ID card office will be immediately on the left, across from Student Services.  Check the office hours before you go!