Suggested Works by Women, Black, and Rarely-Heard Composers

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

Nonet in F minor, Op. 2 

Avril Coleridge-Taylor

Samuel’s daughter.

Florence Price

The Old Boatman
Music: Sharon purchased and donated.
Sync license: tbd

George Walker

String Quartet No. 1 (2nd mvt is the basis for Lyric for Strings)

Music: Available for purchase from  $75
Sync license: Required – composed 1946
Notes: 2nd mvt is the basis for Lyric for Strings for string orchestra; those parts must be rented.

Scott Joplin

The Chrysanthemum: An African-American Intermezzo
Instrumentation: ?
Music: Mr J has parts.
Sync license: N/A – Public domain

Cesar Gonzalez

Instrumentation: Percussion Ensemble
Notes: Suggested by Jordan

William Grant Still

Instrumentation: Flute, String Quintet and Piano
Music parts: Available from $68

Instrumentation: Violin (or flute) and piano
Music: Available
Sync license: TBD

Anton Reicha

Wind quintet in E flat Major
Notes: Friend of Beethoven

Takayoshi Yashioka

Instrumentation: Marimba, 2 woodwinds, drums, & bass
Notes: Suggested by Casey

Joaquin Rodrigo

Fantasía para un gentilhombre
Instrumentation: (Guitar and orchestra)

Amy Beach

Hildegard von Bingen

Notes: 12th century – beautiful chants that have been arranged for strings etc recently. (Kronos Quartet, Aizuri Quartet, and Cardamom Quartet, who made a recent async recording without a click track.

Maddalena Lombardini-Sirmen

Notes: Late 18th century – Reminiscent of Haydn. Lots of string ensemble pieces. She was a student in one of the Venice orphanages (not Vivaldi’s though) and studied with Tartini.

Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges

Lived in the time of Mozart in the Caribbean.  His father sent him to France.  He has written violin concertos


This publisher has a section of interesting works by Black women composers:

Gustave Holst

St. Paul Suite
Sync license: N/A – public domain