As you should know, we are entering a new surge in COVID-19 due to the omicron variant, which is highly infectious.  If you are participating in ensemble music you are highly encouraged to take all possible precautions, including vaccination, to protect not only yourself but your musician colleagues and their families.  The best way to minimize spreading COVID is for everyone in rehearsal to be vaccinated and to be masked whenever possible.  Although NVCC does not require students to be vaccinated and does not ask for vaccination status, the college and RMS strongly recommend vaccination.  Please play your part to help keep us all safe!

Read this first

We will be resuming regular full orchestra rehearsals on January 19, 2022 on the Alexandria campus.

  1. To participate in the orchestra, NVCC requires that you be either a registered student or an authorized volunteer. Click here for detailed instructions on how to make that process easy.
  2. Rehearsals will be in Room 118 of the Alexandria campus Fine Arts building (AFA 118).

Program (planned)

  • TBD. Watch for updates.

Spring 2022 Schedule


  • January 19, 2022 (Wednesday), 7:30. First rehearsal, AFA 118, Alexandria campus. Come early.
  • Every Wednesday evening, 7:30. Regular rehearsals or sectional rehearsals. Arrive early for setup and tuning.
  • April 18, 2022 (Monday), 7:30. Super Rehearsal in Ernst Center Concert Hall.
  • April 20, 2022 (Wednesday), 7:30. Dress Rehearsal in Ernst Center Concert Hall.
  • April 24, 2022, (Sunday), 4:00. Spring Concert in Ernst Center Concert Hall.


  • If you have never submitted a Player Information Form, please do so, even if you have played with the orchestra before.
  • Make sure you check your email regularly for updates.  Make sure you tell your Section Leader your preferred email so we can keep the roster up-to-date.

Section Leader Contacts

  • Music Director and class instructor: Mr. Christopher Johnston,
  • First Violins: Brendan Slocumb (Concertmaster),
  • Second Violins: Sachi Rosenbaum,
  • Violas: Margie Bassman,
  • Cellos: Logan Madrid,
  • Basses: Andrew Johnston,
  • Woodwinds: Mitch Bassman,
  • Brass: Lou Brundidge, (on leave)
  • Brass: Albert Triolo, (Acting for Spring 2022)
  • Percussion: Claiborne Richardson II,

Rehearsal Guidelines

If you need to miss a rehearsal, you must inform your section leader ahead of time.  Section leaders will report enrolled student absences to the music director, who will determine if they will be recorded as excused or unexcused.

You are required to arrive on stage by 7:15 pm to get set up, do your main tuning, check that you have your parts, and check in with your section leader. If you are missing any parts, it is your responsibility to check the bins. If you still have questions, you should speak to the librarian, Sharon Jones (cello section).  Sharon will not be available to assist you with parts issues after 7:25 pm.

At 7:25 pm, tuning will be led by our concertmaster.  We will take three A’s: one for winds, one for brass, and the last for strings. Please be silent during tuning.

At 7:30 pm, the music director will take the podium and all players must be ready to play.

We are responsible for putting away all chairs and stands left on stage at the end of each rehearsal (unless our stage manager indicates otherwise).

Getting to the Alexandria Rehearsal Room

Beginning Fall 2021, we will be rehearsing in the Recital Hall in the Fine Arts building on the Alexandria NOVA campus (AFA room 118).  This is a significantly better space than we had at Annandale!  We will not be using the Annandale campus for rehearsals.

The address is 3301 Netherton Dr, Alexandria, VA 22302

Nearest parking is the garage on Dawes Ave at the corner of Nertherton Dr.  From there it is about a 200 yard walk along Netherton Dr, past the Bisdorf building, to the Fine Arts building.  Parking in the B lot in the garage is free after 3:45 (same policy as at Annandale).

Driving directions: Tale 395 and exit Seminary Rd west.  Turn right on Dawes Ave. Look for the garage on your left and enter opposite Netherton Dr.  If you want to drop your instrument off first, turn into Netherton Dr and pull up in the circle at the end; it is right next to the main lobby doors for the Fine Arts building.

Note: Although the Fine Arts building is close to Schlesinger, the road from the Beauregard St entrance does NOT connect through to Netherton Dr.  You can park in the Schlesinger garage but you will have to climb up many steps to get to the Fine Arts building.

Concert Guidelines

Dress for evening classical concerts, including Ernst and Schlesinger

Men: Black pants, white shirt, black jacket, black necktie, with black shoes and black socks.
Women: Ankle-length black skirt or black pants, black blouse with sleeves, with black shoes and black socks or stockings. No short skirts, please.

Dress for summer indoor pops concerts, incl. Ernst and Sherwood (black & white)

Men: Black pants, white long-sleeved shirt, with black shoes and black socks. (No jacket or tie.)
Women:  Ankle-length black skirt or black pants, white long-sleeved top, with black shoes and black socks or stockings. No short skirts, please.

Dress for daytime concerts such as Greenspring (black & black)

Men: Black pants, black long-sleeved shirt, with black shoes and black socks. (No jacket or tie.)
Women:  Ankle-length black skirt or black pants, black long-sleeved top, with black shoes and black socks or stockings. No short skirts, please.

Dress for concerts in the parks (khaki & white)

Men: Khaki pants, white polo shirt. No flip-flops.
Women: Ankle-length khaki skirt or khaki pants, white polo shirt. No short skirts, please. No flip-flops.


  • Bring water and stay hydrated if the weather is hot.
  • Bring mosquito repellent.
  • Bring clips to hold your music to the stand. A breeze may try to blow your music away at the most inopportune time!

Concert call times

Generally, call time will be 90 minutes before the start of the concert, to allow time for a last minute run-through of our repertoire. Call time indicates the time at which the music director takes the podium. As for regular rehearsals, you should arrive 15 minutes before the call time so you can get seated and prepared.

Stands and chairs

Before the concert, stands and chairs will normally be set out by the stage manager and section leaders. You are welcome to assist!
After the concert, before you go to the reception, you must help stack the stands and chairs in the racks provided by the stage manager!
For concerts in the parks, please volunteer to help unload the college truck before the call time, and help load it again after the concert.

Cancellation Policies

Concerts and Rehearsals in Campus

Since the NOVA Symphony Orchestra operates as a college course, we do not rehearse if the college is closed due to weather. Northern Virginia Community College communicates closings and delays in several ways:

  • Posted at the top of the college’s website.
  • On the site’s Closing Information page.
  • You may also call 703-323-3000. You’ll hear a recorded message at this number if the decision to close is made. Please do not call NVCC offices to ask about closings.

Concerts in Fairfax County Parks

Players must assume that a concert is NOT cancelled for weather unless:

  • You call the Fairfax County Parks hotline at 703-324-7469 and there is a cancellation announcement there. Note that they seldom make cancellations before 6:00 for 7:30 concerts, or
  • You receive an email from the Music Director or your section leader announcing a cancellation.

Otherwise, assume the concert is ON and you should arrive by the call time. Weather patterns vary tremendously throughout our area, so unless you have been notified by one of the above means, always report to the concert site.