Elizabeth Colella is a native of the D.C. area. She began playing the flute at the age of eight thanks to the Montgomery County Public Schools system. As she progressed, Elizabeth began taking flute lessons with the former principal flutist of the National Symphony Orchestra, Wallace Mann. One of her biggest thrills was to play a duet with a fellow classmate at her high school graduation in the concert hall of the Kennedy Center.

Following high school she played with the George Mason University Symphony Orchestra and played piccolo for the pep band. After college, her career as a nurse and then physician’s assistant, as well as bringing up three kids, occupied most of her time. Elizabeth’s only opportunity to play the flute was occasionally at church where she directed a children’s choir. Once her youngest child graduated from the choir, Elizabeth joined the NVCC-Annandale Symphony Orchestra.

“In the five years I have been performing with this group, Maestro Johnston has been an inspiration in my playing. He has taught me about history and styles of playing with expression in different genres and eras of music. He has given me instructional advice which continues to make me a better player as well as a more well-rounded person for which I am most grateful.”