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The Reunion Music Society, Inc. (RMS) was founded in 1992 by Dr. Claiborne T. Richardson, an educator and musician. He is a native Virginian and long-time resident of Fairfax County.


Executive Director: E. Katrina Lewis
President: Claiborne T. Richardson, II
Treasurer: Stephen Rodkey
Recording Secretary: Bruce Salad
Corresponding Secretary: Miriam Doehnert

Board of Directors

Ralph Brooker
Lawrence (Lou) Brundidge
Miriam Doehnert
Jeannie Perron
Claiborne T. Richardson, II
Stephen Rodkey
Bruce Salad
Kevin J. Sheehan
Brendan Slocumb


The Reunion Music Society, Inc. is a nonprofit organization organized under IRS code 501(c)(3).


  • to recognize the need to nurture and support young and/or unknown composers and performers, and help them to successfully introduce their works to the community
  • to discover and present the compositions of little known composers and offer programs of seldom heard and/or performed music
  • to foster and promote music of different cultures and heritages, and program performances for diverse audiences
  • to provide financial assistance to local artists and composers, enabling them to reach audiences with their performances throughout the communities of the Greater Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area.